Sunday, April 22, 2012

Progress Report on Final Project

I am part of the group, "Team Confused," which consists of myself, Erika Conn, Jessica Bonner, and Alex Mayfield. For our final project, we are going to create a video focusing on how to survive EDM 310. We are still discussing what all we are going to actually cover, but we know that we will include the following so far:

(1)  Time management
(2)  Read the class blog DAILY
(3)  Submit all work ON TIME
(4)  Constantly update your Personal Learning Network (PLN)
(5)  Take advantage of the lab and the lab assistants! You get a lot of work done, and people are there to help you.

We are continuing to increase the list as we think of more things to add; for example, we hope to incorporate Dr. Strange into our video somewhere.

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