Thursday, April 19, 2012

Blog Assignment 12

My Assignment
This week, we were suppose to come up with our own assignment that Dr. Strange should have assigned for us to do in our own specialty. I remembered the website, Web 2.0 that has many different kinds of tools that can be useful in classrooms. I found Dabbleboard, which is an online collaboration application that is centered around whiteboards. Since I am a math major, I drew area formulas used in geometry. It was pretty simple and fun to draw out all of the shapes and write the formulas beside the corresponding shapes. There is also a great video that gives a tour of how to work and navigate Dabbleboard.

Here is what I drew on my whiteboard:
For the assignment in EDM 310, if I were Dr. Strange, I would have all students make a Dabbleboard that relates to their field of study, and that could be used in a classroom setting. After making their whiteboard, each student should write at least one paragraph explaining Dabbleboard and if they liked it or not. They should state if this is something that they could see themselves using as future educators.


  1. Ariel,

    Dabbleboard could be very useful for math students trying to learn concepts or even for a way to tutor each other without actually meeting in person!

  2. Ariel,
    I think this would be a good assignment. I think this could put a new twist on the lesson plan collaboration. Good job!