Thursday, April 26, 2012

Blog Assignment 13

E-Media Fast
no technology
This week's blog post was to not use any electronic entertainment or communication devices for 24 consecutive hours. These devices included: television, video records or players, computers, tablets, notepads, video cameras, audio recorders, iPads, iPods, iPhones, or any other cell phones, and no phones other than land lines. This assignment was the hardest one to accomplish by far. I depend highly on technology for almost everything I do. However, I didn't realize just how dependent I was on all of these things on a daily basis until I couldn't use them for a whole day. I use my computer for almost every assignment that I do for my classes, and I listen to the radio everyday while driving. The hardest device for me to give up was definitely my phone. I rely heavily on it. Everything I need and do is on my iPhone, from emails, text messages, internet to my calendar with everything that I have to do for that day. I hated having to use our one land line phone at my house to contact anyone if I needed to get in touch with them; texting is so much easier.

I now realize how much I take all of this technology for granted, and how much easier it makes things for me. I definitely plan on using technology forever. It is so much harder to get around our society with zero technology.

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  1. You will soon have students even more committed to (or should I say addicted to) technology. Are you prepared to be their teacher? Can you teach without technology? How and what will you technology in your classroom? How will you use your student's technology for educational purposes?