Tuesday, April 17, 2012

C4K Summary for April

C4K #7
Over the next three weeks, I will have the privilege of commenting on a twelve year old's blog, Jane K., from the United States. Her interest are sports and P.E. Her blog that I commented on this week was title "My Avatar", and she described what her avatar looked like. It wore a green shirt because green is her favorite color, with white shorts. Her hair was also in a ponytail because that's typically how she wears it. She also had angel wings because ever since she was little, she has always wanted to fly like Superman. 

I think that I got to learn a lot about Jane just by her avatar. I was able to get a picture in my head of what I think she looks like. I told her that I also wear my hair in a ponytail a lot too just because it's the easiest thing for me when I don't have much time to get ready. I think that, like her, many people have wished to have wings so that they could fly around like the superhero everyone loves.  I looked at a few of her other blogs as well, and I think that she is doing well so far in the Blogging Challenge.

C4K #8

For the Blogging Challenge this week, Jane wrote about the "Invisible Children", and how compassionate she felt about the cause. For the past 25 years, children have been abducted and made to fight in the war in Central Africa. She described how fast the children can be abducted: "one minute laughing with their friends, and the next, walking through a forest with a gun." She wants to help and told everyone that they could help by donating. She gave links to the videos and also to the Invisible Children blog. She finished her post by saying, shouldn't all kids in Africa be happy?

I told her that I was so glad that she wrote about Kony 2012. This is something that I actually have an interest in and feel very compassionate about. When I heard about this about a month ago, I immediately watched the video and I was deeply touched. I said that I thought a change needed to be made because yes, all kids should be as happy in Africa as we are here in America.

C4K #9
This last week of participating in the Blogging Challenge, I read Jane's post called "One Thing About Me". She said that she had a lot of great qualities, but the one that stood out the most to her was her hyperness. She's very active and extremely loud, most of the time. She said that after people have been around her, they either have more energy or are more tired. Jane thinks that people that have more energy are more fun to be around.

I told Jane that I love that her favorite quality about herself is her hyperness. Being energetic and happy as a kid is so important. I know that she brings her family and friends so much joy, and that she is the person that everyone wants around when they are having a bad day because she is sure to put a smile on their face.

C4K #10
I had the privilege of commenting on a first grader named Chloe's blog this week. She is a student in Ms. Kathy Cassidy's class in Canada. Her post was actually a video called, "Rules, Relationships, and Responsibilities". She explained each one and gave examples of each. She said that one of her responsibilities was to not tear her shorts. Then, she described a relationship with one of her friends, and then told us some of the rules she has to follow. She said that at school, she isn't allowed to get on the ice or the big hill.
teacher writing 'classroom rules' on the board

I shared some of my "rules, relationships, and responsibilities" with her in my comment. I told her that I have a responsibility to be at work on time and to attend my classes so that I will pass my tests. Then I told her that I have many relationships that mean a lot to me. Lastly, I told her that we all have rules we have to follow, one of them being that we aren't suppose to cheat at school. I said that we have a lot in common because we both share these three R's. Her video was very good!

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