Tuesday, March 27, 2012

C4T #3

Jabiz Raisdana - Intrepid Teacher
This "Intrepid Teacher" is a writer, musician, filmmaker, photographer, and everything else rolled into one. He loves exploring the internet and finding new and interesting things to share with his students, co-workers, and network friends. Raisdana also states that he is an intensive storyteller, and he has a story to tell and share with all of us, and we can start reading the story by following his trail that has been left all over the internet.

Post #1
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In this post called, "Copy Wrong", Jabiz Raisdana expressed his frustrations with EMI and Youtube. His tenth grade class was assigned a project based on the the film The Wall by Pink Floyd. They were suppose to make a video for the project and either make up their own song or use songs from the video, and most of the students chose to use songs that were already provided because of the lack of time. However, when the students uploaded their videos to YouTube, the videos were blocked because the songs were copyrighted. Raisdana was frustrated because of this and sought to find a solution. His students were not trying to make money off of these videos or songs in no way; they were only using them for educational purposes.

I told Raisdana that I am studying to be a math teacher and that I found his post to be interesting because even though I am going to be teaching math, I still want my students to use technology. I am going to assign them projects that require the use of the internet. Reading his post and seeing everything he had to go through just to get the videos viewable on YouTube, has prepared me for some of the things I may encounter when I begin teaching. I thanked him for sharing his frustrations with us.

Post #2
"Give a Kid a Blog" is all about just what it sounds like. This week, Jabiz Raisdana discussed how he thought that children, grades K-10, should have blogs so that they can share their work and projects with the world, instead of just throwing them in the trash when they are done presenting them. He said that blogs would help students learn how to be just as independent online as they are off. Blogs would allow for students to present and talk to peers face-to-face, while also creating permanent portfolios of their online work. He says that these skills are what people mean when they talk about 21st century skills.
a kid is sitting down, on a laptop, with the word

In my comment, I said that the EDM 310 class I am taking now is all about technology. We each have our own class blog where we write at least one blog post every week, along with projects and activities that we do and then post to our blog. I love the fact that what I do and produce is being shared, not just with my classmates, but the whole world. I said that it would be a good idea if all students would try blogging. That way, all of their projects that they work so hard on are not lost, but are around forever.

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