Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Blog Assignment 7

The Networked Student
This video by Wendy Drexler describes the 21st century student. This student has a PLN (Personal Learning Network), which holds all of their favorite websites and blogs. The 21st century student uses Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, YouTube, and much more to learn and stay connected with the world around him or her. I think that having a PLN and using technology makes students more diverse and well-rounded and will benefit them in the future regardless of what career they may choose.
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The video brings up the question, "why does the networked student even need a teacher?" For the networked student, the teacher is still a vital part of their academic success. The teacher is the one who shows them this world of PLN and how to navigate it. He or she shows them how to build the network and how to take advantage of the opportunities the network brings. The teacher offers them guidance, shows them how to communicate properly, and helps them organize the mountain of information they find. His or her goal for the students is that when they leave this class, they will maintaing their learning network and use it to navigate their future and help solve the world's problems.

I would like to say that I am ready for the networked student, but I really don't know if I am or not. I think that I am pretty up-to-date with technology and I know how to operate most of it. However, we know that our future students are going to understand technology and know things that we didn't even know existed. This means that we, teachers, have a big obstacle to tackle because we are going to have to make sure that we always stay VERY knowledgeable of the latest technology so that we can really benefit our students and be that navigator that they need us to be.

A 7th Grader's PLE (or PLN)
a student surrounded by his PLE
This 7th grader blew me away with her personal learning environment and how much she knew about it. I am just getting started with mine and still figuring everything out, but I hope to grasp it and find it as useful as she does. Like her, I also used Symbaloo to develop my PLN. Mine has a little bit of everything on it right now, ranging from education to shopping. I do plan on creating more networks as I grow and find more interesting and helpful sites. I know that my networks will never be complete and I will always be adding to them because I am always going to be learning and exploring new things.


  1. "I would like to say that I am ready for the networked student, but I really don't know if I am or not. " Uh... Are you or aren't you?

    You must never let your learning end. Be a good example for your students!

  2. Dear,
    Ariel Robinson I just read your blog post #7, and I really enjoyed reading it! It is so awesome that you believe that PLNs are beneficial. I think PLNs are great, as well. I am ready for the network student, and after reading your post I know you are ready as well! Keep up the good work!
    Kristi Jackson