Tuesday, March 27, 2012

C4K Summary for March

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C4K #6
I commented on a post titled "On Saturday by Jude", which was by a young boy named Jude who attends Bradford Schools. His post was about a saturday that he spent with his father. He said that they went to an exhibition on legos, but the only tickets they could buy for that day were for 4:20 pm. So, he told us everything that he and his father did to pass the time before they could go play with the legos. They went and bought him new school shoes, went and ate at a cafe, and even stopped to buy his mother flowers and chocolates for Mother's Day. Finally, it was 4:15 and they went inside the lego exhibition and built houses that were under construction, and had a blast!

I told him that a lego exhibition sounds like so much fun. When we were younger, my brother use to play with legos all the time and I always tried to play with him, but of course he hated that. I also told him that it was so sweet that he and his father bought his mother flowers and chocolates for Mother's Day because we all need to show our appreciation for our mothers.

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