Saturday, February 18, 2012

Blog Assignment 4

children podcasting in a classroom
Ms. Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano is a teacher who is very devoted to technology and podcasting. She and her students make podcasts based on books that they read in class, and the students love doing it. They get so excited and want to be a part of it. They even change their voices and their fluency and pitch. In the podcasts, the students are storytelling and interviewing each other. It is very evident that they really enjoy doing this, and it helps to ensure that all students are being active in the classroom.

Ms. Tolisano proves that children are never too young to use technology and be creative. She is teaching her students great skills that will help them succeed in the future. Technology isn't going anywhere, so it is good to get students using it as early and as much as possible. She offers great ideas for the classroom that I want to try out someday.

The Benefits of Podcasting in the Classroom
Joe Dale is a strong believer of podcasting in the classroom. He points out great facts about podcasting: it allows students to be more project-based learners, and it also allows them to use their higher order thinking skills as referred to in Bloom's Taxonomy. Students today are so use to using technology everyday, so they are more willing to learn and listen when they can use technology in the classroom. Podcasting helps promote creativity and innovation as well.

Too, it becomes very useful for students who are absent, but still need to keep up with their daily assignments and class lectures. This also allows parents to be more interactive in their students academics because they can now listen and see through the podcasts.

Judy Scharf's Podcast Collection
Judy Scharf's blog gives us all of the information we could ever dream of and more for podcasting. She starts off by defining podcasting as "a 'radio-stye' talk show"; she says it's a mix between an iPod and broadcasting. Judy provides links to getting started, tips to succeed, a time schedule for podcasting, examples of some podcasts, and even suggestions for topics. There is much more that I didn't mention, including a rubric, on her site.
This blog is definitely one that I will use in my future as an educator. It will help to get students wanting to participate and be involved. Students who already use podcasting in school love it and like sharing what they have learned with others. Like Judy has suggested, I'm going to give podcasting a try in my classroom, and be the "inspiration for my students' successful careers." This site will also be helpful for me in making my own podcast for the class I am currently taking, EDM 310.


  1. I look forward to listening to your podcast.

  2. Hello Ariel,
    First, I would just like to say that I thoroughly enjoyed reading your post. You mention a lot of things that I agree with about technology in the classroom. I especially agree with your statement that "technology isn't going anywhere." This is a very true statement. People are becoming more and more interested in the use of technology so why not take advantage of it?