Monday, January 23, 2012

Blog Assignment 1

A Little About Me
Hey everyone! I'm Ariel Robinson and I am 19 years old. I am a Secondary Education/Mathematics major here and I absolutely love it! I know it may sound weird that I love being a math major, but I really do. Math is so important, and I can't wait to start teaching and showing students that math can actually be fun.

I grew up right here in Mobile, and graduated from Satsuma High School in 2010. I did look at a few colleges, but I really always knew that South Alabama was the right school for me. Since I am from here, I was able to visit the campus a couple of times before coming here. Also, my mother and brother graduated from South and they love the school. My mom earned her nursing degree and my brother received an accounting degree. He is even considering coming back to South to get another degree.

I have a wonderful family that I wouldn't trade for anything. I am a daddy's girl, but my mom is my best friend. I share absolutely everything with her. I have one brother who is 23 years old, and like I said earlier, graduated from South in 2010 (the same year I graduated from high school). My grandmother is also a very important person in my life. She babysat me a lot when I was younger when my parents had to work. I hope to one day be half the woman that she is!

I have always wanted to be a teacher ever since I was a little girl. My cousins and I use to always play school when we were little, and I always insisted on being the teacher. As for the math part, I enjoyed math when I was in grade school and was always good at it. When I got into high school, one of my teachers really inspired me to major in it. I figured if I'm good in math and enjoy it, then why not be a math teacher? There is a need for good math teachers and I think I will be a good contribution. I want to help students learn how to have fun with the much dreaded subject, and learn to love it because it is so important! I hope that I can make a difference in at least one of my student's life just like some of my past teachers did in mine.

Now, for my interests. I am a pretty simple girly girl; I love all of the girl things: shoes, clothes, purses, etc. I do not like to play sports; however, I do enjoy watching them. Roll Tide! I am a Southbound Orientation Leader for the University and I love it!! It is the best job to have and still be able to go to school. It is a great opportunity to meet many new friends and to also meet new students coming to South. I am an active member of my church's college group, and also work with the pre-school group there as well.

Randy Pausch on Time Management video
I have watched a video on Randy Pausch before and I really enjoy him! This is a great video for this class because I already know that if you don't manage your time well, this is going to be a difficult course. I am, and have always been, a perfectionist. I love organization; I find it very hard to concentrate if things are a mess and not in order. I have a planner and write absolutely everything in it, from school things to personal notes. I also like to make lists for everything because if I don't, I will more than likely forget about whatever it was I was trying to remember. Pausch talked about how everyone needs to have a plan because it is not a problem to change it (this will happen); it is a problem when you don't have a plan because you have no basis to go off of.


  1. Did you watch Randy Pausch's Last Lecture. It is assigned later in the semester. i watch it every semester and continue to find it powerful and moving.

  2. I did watch some of it! I really enjoy listening to his videos. He is a great speaker and manages to keep his audience interested in what he is saying. His Last Lecture is very moving.

  3. I graduated from Satsuma the year before you. It feels kind of refreshing to hear someone say that they actually have a good relationship with their family. Which teacher at Satsuma inspired you to become a math teacher, or was it more than one? I hope you become a great teacher.